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"Same Kind of Different as Me"

Heart gripping, mind captivating, life transforming - were  Darren Moorman's first thoughts as he read the book, "Same Kind of Different as Me" in 2007. The rest was history. A passion project began, bringing together a pool of talented artists and creatives from the entertainment industry to create this incredible movie.


This film premiered in theaters Fall of 2017.


"Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest"

Darren Moorman first took the idea of PC Quest to his long-time friend and mentor, Howard Kazanjian (Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Arc) who then brought on Mark Hamill, another good friend of Howard's, forming the birth of PC Quest with Lionsgate. After 18 years of friendship, this is the first project Darren and Howard have worked on together.

Season 1 is airing on Comi-con HQ. 

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