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Dennis Quaid To Star In Family Drama ‘The Hill’ From ‘Hoosiers’ & ‘Rudy’ Scribe Angelo Pizzo

Matt Grobar | Deadline

Aug 16, 2021

Dennis Quaid has signed on to star in The Hill, a family drama penned by Angelo Pizzo (Rudy, Hoosiers) and the late Scott Marshall Smith (The Score, Men of Honor), who passed away in December.

The film will tell the true story of Rickey Hill, a kid who overcame his physical disability to play professional baseball. Given the complexities Rickey faced in his relationship with his father, his is a story about more than just athletics. It’s also a story about family, and what one young man can do to follow his dream.

Quaid will portray Rickey’s father, Pastor Hill, an instinctively protective man who doesn’t want his son to go out into the world to pursue his dream, fearing that he’ll get ridiculed for his disability. Ultimately, Hill’s tough exterior is broken as Rickey grows up and proves his natural ability.

Jeff Celentano (Breaking Point, Gunshy) is directing the film, cast by Rick Montgomery (Green Book), which will go before cameras in Georgia in November.

He’s also producing alongside Warren Ostergard, with Matthew Dwyer, Michael Hollingsworth, Michael Blubaugh and Rickey Hill serving as exec producers.

The rest of the film’s cast has not yet been announced.

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